Nail Polish Boxes

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    Nail polish is an appealing and motivating cosmetics thing. Redone Nail Polish Boxes add appeal and magnificence to this tastefully moving item. These nail polish boxes can be requested by necessity having any shape and size.

  • Great Reasons & Features

    Customization: Accessible in any custom shapes and sizes to your items layout

    Design (Product/Company Theme): Create an extraordinary/unique design that showcase worth of your organization

    Guarantee: 100% high quality Printing and Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Logo (Product/Company Logo): You ought to have your organization logo alongside special/unique product logo

    Lamination: Gloss or matte finish/lamination which make pass on cut bundling boxes more durable and sturdy

    Full shade CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key - Black) / PMS (Pantone Matching System) Printing Process
    Brand your item with legitimate printing. We offer you best printing arrangements

    Quality: 100lb/120lb Cover Card Stock & Corrugated Stock or available Best Quality Stock 12pt / 14pt Card Stock

    Free Quick Shipping and Handling Within USA
    Generation Turnaround regularly in 7 to 10 Days

    Tagline: Print an appealing slogan to stand out just enough to be noticed from your target clients

    Template: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe In Design, Adobe Photoshop, Quark Express

    UV Coating: Discretionary UV Coating for additional Sparkle and Durability

    We offer FREE transporting all over US, so CALL / CHAT NOW and GET a FREE QUOTE.

  • Getting Custom Nail Polish Boxes

    Nails have become much more than a part of the body. Like other forms of body art, like tattoos and hair dyes. More and more women are using their nails as accessories. To enhance their overall appearance. Acrylic nails are all the rage and getting acrylics means that you can now get nails several inches long within a matter of a few hours.

    The advent of nail art has meant that nail polish companies have introduced nail polishes of every kind and style. From matte to the metallic to crackled and even glitter nail polishes are just a few types of nail polishes available in the market.

    Let your nail polishes shine brighter with custom nail polish boxes:

    Nail polish technology has really improved over the past few years. The choice of colors is endless. This means that women can buy multiple, complementary colors at the same time. After all, any good nail art design consists of different colors. This can range from a minimalistic two color combo to more elaborate designs requiring use of many different nail polish colors.

    This makes custom boxes not only appropriate, but also very practical. Custom printed nail polish boxes can be used to represent the brand as well as the aesthetics of the nail polish inside. Custom nail polish boxes are perfect if nail polish companies want to switch up packaging and offer different combos of nail polishes. Boxes can be designed to contain one or two or three or any number of nail polishes. Nail polishes can be paired with top coat and/or base coat to make the purchase worthwhile for customers. It is also an environmentally option as packaging nail polishes in sets saves material as compared to being packaged individually.  

    If you want, however, you can go for custom nail polish boxes for individual nail polishes as well. The great thing about custom boxes is that the choice is entirely yours. You can package nail polish bottles any way you want.

    Custom printing your nail polish boxes:

    The biggest advantage of getting custom boxes made for nail polishes is most beneficial because of the possibility of custom printing. Having the freedom to select the size and style of a custom box is always a great thing, however, in the day and age of brands it is the outside aesthetics of the box that matter.

    What a box looks like in terms of the graphics and colors is always very important. Unless the exterior packaging is not attention grabbing. This means that the custom box needs to be designed with careful thought so it represents the brand as well as the product inside well, while being functional and practical at the same time. Custom printing is not just for improving the look of boxes. It is also used to provide essential information. Nail polishes, just like any other cosmetic items, must contain a list of ingredients on the packaging. This is why the box is the perfect medium for communicating the instruction on how to use and other important precautions. It can also be used to provide tips and nail art designs on how to use the nail polishes inside to get the best manicure.

    Choosing the best place to get your custom nail polish boxes:

    Now that you have decided that you will go for custom printed boxes for your nail polishes, the next step is deciding the place to get your customized nail polish boxes made. There are many different custom nail polish box manufacturers. Making the right choice is very important as not all manufacturers are equally competent.

    When selecting the company to get custom boxes you must do research into the products as well as the service provided by these companies. Having the option to get 24/7 support as well as free template and digital designing services are always a great deal. With you get all this and more. Our website is among the top-rated websites when it comes to custom printed boxes.

    Ordering custom nail polish boxes through PMB is a simple and hassle free. Even if it is your first time ordering you can get the boxes you want without a hitch. We supply for both retail and wholesale purposes.

    Any style and type of box you want, for instance if you want adds on like a cellophane window or maybe spot UV lamination, you can get all of this in one place.

    PMB: you premier source of custom printed nail polish boxes:

    To get the best custom made nail polish boxes all you need to do is visit and browse through the wide selection of options available for you. Whatever may be the aesthetic of your nail polish brand may be or if you want nail polish boxes for a special occasion, we have got you covered.

    Made from the highest quality materials and expedited to your doorstep, custom boxes made by PMB are the best fit for all your needs.

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    Reviewer: Lues Gorlen
    6/28/2018 10:04:46 AM

    Review: We had been looking around for boxes for our nail polishes. We basically wanted customized boxes which could hold three nail polishes, as they were part of a nail art set. Not only did the pope at make the boxes exactly according to our directions, they also made sure that the dimensions were on point. All three nail polishes in each boxes fit together snugly and as we wanted the customers to actually get an idea of the colors for each nail polish inside, they also had a die cut covered with cellophane which displays our beautiful collection perfectly. The customized nail polish boxes I got my vegan nail polishes were absolutely exquisite. They were well made and delivered on time. I even got the Pantone color matching option so each individual shade was also displayed on the top tab for each box. Excellent customer service and loved the fact that the design team worked with me to achieve the final look I wanted. The foiling was spot on and combined with the satin matte finish give a feeling of luxury to the nail polishes.
    Reviewer: Stive
    6/28/2018 10:58:56 AM

    Review: We needed a large number of boxes for our line of foundations in weeks’ time and the people at really delivered after our usual vendor failed to come through. The quality of the boxes was also superior and we have since switched to them for our regular order of boxes. Great job guys!