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    Different sorts of lotions are scattered around the commercial center nowadays. Picking the right item for you is a client's first concern. Custom Lotion Boxes help an awesome arrangement to accomplish this essential.

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    Customization: Accessible in any custom shapes and sizes to your items layout

    Design (Product/Company Theme): Create an extraordinary/unique design that showcase worth of your organization

    Guarantee: 100% high quality Printing and Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Logo (Product/Company Logo): You ought to have your organization logo alongside special/unique product logo

    Lamination: Gloss or matte finish/lamination which make pass on cut bundling boxes more durable and sturdy

    Full shade CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key - Black) / PMS (Pantone Matching System) Printing Process
    Brand your item with legitimate printing. We offer you best printing arrangements

    Quality: 100lb/120lb Cover Card Stock & Corrugated Stock or available Best Quality Stock 12pt / 14pt Card Stock

    Free Quick Shipping and Handling Within USA
    Generation Turnaround regularly in 7 to 10 Days

    Tagline: Print an appealing slogan to stand out just enough to be noticed from your target clients

    Template: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe In Design, Adobe Photoshop, Quark Express

    UV Coating: Discretionary UV Coating for additional Sparkle and Durability

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  • Lotions are perhaps one of the most versatile skincare items. Lotions come in different types and styles. The consistency of lotions is more liquid than that of creams, which are much thicker and oilier. Due to their light weight and breathable consistency lotions are a perfect way to apply sunscreens, moisturizers, and generally day time skincare since you can’t be bothered to have your skin become greasy, especially when out in the sun.

    Easy to blend and absorb in to the skin, lotions are also a popular medium among foundation companies.

    Because of their liquid nature, most lotions come in bottle packaging. Bottles are either made from glass or plastic. The tub or jar form is just not suitable for lotions. But bottles are thin and easily damaged if dropped. SO, what can possibly be done about this? How can the lotion bottle, and the lotion in turn, be kept safe and sound? The answer is simple: get a custom box made.

    Reasons for getting customized boxes for lotions:

    So, there are quite a few reasons why you should get customized boxes for your lotion products. The first and foremost being the safety of the bottle inside. Glass is breakable and even plastic can get dented or cut when dropped from a certain height. To maintain the integrity and quality of the lotion inside, you must ensure that they are packaged in a way that keeps the bottle and lotion safe, even when dropped.

    A cardboard box is a great way to get some extra protection for the bottle inside. Cardboard gives an additional layer to the bottle of lotion and reduces the force with which the bottle hits the ground if it falls. Having an insert further protects the bottle inside as it prevents the bottle from moving about in the box and bumping around.

    Another reason why you need to get a custom box is simple; you need to give information regarding the ingredients and what the lotions does. Such information can be quite wordy and a box with six different surfaces is a perfect way to present this information in small doses all around the box. The actual container of the lotion is no place for this information. Instead, by printing all the necessary information on the box you are freeing up space so the bottle for the lotion can be designed and printed as you wish. You can have sakura flowers or honey or aloe vera plant on the bottle of lotion to let the customer know what is the main ingredient in the lotion, all this without over-whelming the customer with all the other information which would be going on the box instead.

    Branding is another important reason. Lately firms have realized the potential or collective marketing and creating a brand image so their products can be bought in combination with each other. Such a view is very sound marketing wise. You need to let the customer know that they have to buy the rest of products in your skincare line as well. So if they are buying a lotion from you then they must buy the mask and scrub along with the cleanser in the line as well. By having the products similarly packaged you can make this easily possible. A rose extract moisturizing lotion goes well with a rose extract scrub and mask. Having them in similarly designed boxes is one way of creating this bundle look which will eventually convince customers to buy them together.

    Your go-to place for custom boxes:

    The most convenient way of getting custom boxes is visiting Print My Box. We are a website that provides completely customized boxes for every kind of product out there, and lotions are no exceptions.

    We let the customer decide the dimensions they want, which is just perfect as most lotion containers are not standardized at all and differ in height, width, and length for most brands. The ability to choose your own size is really a necessity. Additionally, we can make any style of box you want; be it locking mailers, gable boxes, retail boxes, auto lock bottom, slider style, telescoping style, the sky is the limit really.

    With the custom printing we really provide a unique service. All around the best company for getting customized printing on anything. Aside from having the most advanced technology to print on your boxes, we also give you the option to Pantone match your colors. This especially useful for brands who have very specific colors that need to be printed out exactly. Additional services like metallic foiling in any color, embossing or debossing of logo, Use of Spot UV to highlight certain text or aybe a logo, we provide all those things and more. You do not have to look for another company to do a job as we have all types of printing and printing-related add-ons in one place.

    Our lamination is really the best and makes the boxes even more durable. The top-quality stock along with the top finish available means the boxes are not flimsy or weak. They can be used multiple times and still remain sturdy enough and not lose their shape.

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    Reviewer: Jenna
    12/4/2018 7:46:37 AM

    Review: Printmybox.com is the really a great place to get all sorts of custom printed boxes. We have order lotion boxes as well as cigarette boxes. The sales team is really friendly and helpful as well.
    Reviewer: Stive
    6/28/2018 10:58:56 AM

    Review: We needed a large number of boxes for our line of foundations in weeks’ time and the people at www.printmbyox.com really delivered after our usual vendor failed to come through. The quality of the boxes was also superior and we have since switched to them for our regular order of boxes. Great job guys!