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    Eyeliners are thought to be one of the essential component or item utilized as a part of eye cosmetics. Eyeliners are accessible in a few structures, for example, fluid, gel, cake and powder liners. Eyeliner Boxes help with saving this thing of cosmetics utility in its unique structure and quality for a drawn out stretch of time. They likewise upgrade and emphasize their style and tastefulness. These containers are accessible in all shapes and sizes. They can be bite the dust cut in a few ways. Additional sleeves, pockets and segments can likewise be incorporated.

  • Great Reasons & Features

    Customization: Accessible in any custom shapes and sizes to your items layout

    Design (Product/Company Theme): Create an extraordinary/unique design that showcase worth of your organization

    Guarantee: 100% high quality Printing and Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Logo (Product/Company Logo): You ought to have your organization logo alongside special/unique product logo

    Lamination: Gloss or matte finish/lamination which make pass on cut bundling boxes more durable and sturdy

    Full shade CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key - Black) / PMS (Pantone Matching System) Printing Process
    Brand your item with legitimate printing. We offer you best printing arrangements

    Quality: 100lb/120lb Cover Card Stock & Corrugated Stock or available Best Quality Stock 12pt / 14pt Card Stock

    Free Quick Shipping and Handling Within USA
    Generation Turnaround regularly in 7 to 10 Days

    Tagline: Print an appealing slogan to stand out just enough to be noticed from your target clients

    Template: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe In Design, Adobe Photoshop, Quark Express

    UV Coating: Discretionary UV Coating for additional Sparkle and Durability

    We offer FREE transporting all over US, so CALL / CHAT NOW and GET a FREE QUOTE.

  • Eyeliner is the quintessential make-up product. It lines and defines the eyes and makes them stand out. A simple eyeliner with a bold lipstick can help enhance and provide a short cut to any look. From the basic black to the funkier neon colours, eyeliners have no limit. They bring the bets in your eyes by framing them and making them pop. We at www.printmybox.com cater to all types of industries and within cosmetic industry offer customized boxes for an array of make-up products.

    Eyeliners are no exception as we know they require a good and attractive packaging to remain safe and protected.

    What PMB has to offer?

    So what does www.printmybox.com has to offer that sets us apart and makes us superior to others in the industry. Firstly, all our products, be those boxes or folders, are fully customized. We do not have any standard sizes or styles. We make retail style, telescoping style, book style, slider style, basically any style of box you can think of.

    Dimensions are also completely tailored to each individual order, so your eyeliner maybe any size it doesn’t matter because the box for it will be made according to that specific size.

    When it comes to the printing and designing, we really have no rival. Our state-of-the-art technology in both digital printing and CMYK off-set printing ensures the best quality artwork is produced and printed out on your packaging. On top of that we use only the most durable and flexible cardstock as a base for our printing. The material you will get will be top of the line, no matter whether you want 12 pt card stock or 28 pt card stock, we have got you covered all the way.

    Where you truly get the idea that we are different from the rest is in the additional designing options we have available. In printing you can get stamp foiling of any colour and any amount done to enhance your design. We also do emboss and debossing to make the packaging more interesting and high-end. Want a clear acrylic window so customers can view the eyeliner? No problem, we have the die cutting ability to make that happen.

    Finish options are plenty as well. The basic matte and glossy finishes are among the most popular lamination type, but we also do spot UV and semi-aqueous when customer require it.

    With PMB you can rest assured to get the most options in designing the box of your dreams without any constraints.

    Why trust PMB?

    www.printmybox.com started some 10 years ago and we remain a pioneer in the industry. Through our vast experience and expertise, we have expanded into all areas of custom printing and really become a leader in the area of packaging. Ours is a name you can trust. With years of work under our belt we understand custom printing like no other.

    Our service is also unbeatable. We have the best people to communicate with our clients, the best to guide them and bring their vision to reality. Not only is our staff trained and versed in packaging but also the products that need packaging. So we know that eyeliners, for example, come in different forms, like liquid, gel, or pencil. Working with us will not leave you frustrated and exasperated.

    With our production and quality control we are very professional. Each stage of production is executed under great care and supervision. Errors are minimized or completely eliminated as a result.

    Delivery is fast, and if you wish express shipping then we deliver that as well. Expediting our orders is one of our main priorities so we always deliver right on schedule.

    How you can reach us?

    Suppose you want to get custom printed boxes for your eyeliners, we are a simple click away. Just log onto our website www.printmybox.com and start browsing for all the options we have for personalized packaging. To contact a sales representative, you can either email via support or just call our helpline. Our response team gets back within 24 hours of receiving a query.

    Live chat is available throughout the day and you can start a conversation instantly with this feature.


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    Reviewer: Jesse starmer
    12/4/2018 7:42:20 AM

    Review: To get the best quality customized eye liner boxes I always turn to www.printmybox.com. Their printing is unrivalled and I have reused multiple booxes again and again and have never had an issue with the cardboard tearing or bending funny. Definitelt the best place to order custom packaging.
    Reviewer: Stive
    6/28/2018 10:58:56 AM

    Review: We needed a large number of boxes for our line of foundations in weeks’ time and the people at www.printmbyox.com really delivered after our usual vendor failed to come through. The quality of the boxes was also superior and we have since switched to them for our regular order of boxes. Great job guys!