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    We at www.printmybox.com offer an extensive range of custom made boxes for all kinds of bakery items, from cakes to cupcakes, from bagels to donuts. Customized boxes are not only highly presentable but a great way to keep your yummy treats fresh and safe especially during transportation.

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    Customization: Accessible in any custom shapes and sizes to your items layout

    Design (Product/Company Theme): Create an extraordinary/unique design that showcase worth of your organization

    Guarantee: 100% high quality Printing and Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Logo (Product/Company Logo): You ought to have your organization logo alongside special/unique product logo

    Lamination: Gloss or matte finish/lamination which make pass on cut bundling boxes more durable and sturdy

    Full shade CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key - Black) / PMS (Pantone Matching System) Printing Process
    Brand your item with legitimate printing. We offer you best printing arrangements

    Quality: 100lb/120lb Cover Card Stock & Corrugated Stock or available Best Quality Stock 12pt / 14pt Card Stock

    Free Quick Shipping and Handling Within USA
    Generation Turnaround regularly in 7 to 10 Days

    Tagline: Print an appealing slogan to stand out just enough to be noticed from your target clients

    Template: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe In Design, Adobe Photoshop, Quark Express

    UV Coating: Discretionary UV Coating for additional Sparkle and Durability

    We offer FREE transporting all over US, so CALL / CHAT NOW and GET a FREE QUOTE.

  • Cereal Boxes for any Flavor

    Packaging cereal:

    Cereal is a staple breakfast product. In fact, it can be eaten at any time of the day. Just mix you favorite cereal with some milk and you have a convenient and healthy meal in a matter of seconds. What is more, with cereals they sky is the limit. Whether you want multigrain, fruity, chocolate flavored or any other flavored cereal, the options are seemingly unlimited.

    But cereal must be fresh and crispy, so that when it is soaked in milk it does not lose its crunch and texture which adds to the overall taste of the meal. Just how fresh cereal is depends critically upon the packaging. A well-packaged cereal retains its taste and texture for longer and remains good for longer periods of time.

    Why custom packaging your cereal is ideal:

    There is a need to keep this much-loved and popular breakfast needs customized packaging to maintain its freshness. Many cereal manufacturers pay close attention to the taste, however, fail to properly package them which results in a loss of flavor and texture.

    Many cereals come with double packaging for complete protection. They are sealed off in an airtight plastic bag which is then contained in a cardboard box. Both components of cereal packaging are key, however the cardboard box aspect is much more complex.

    Plastic bags are easy to purchase. Cereal manufacturers can get a standardized plastic bag which is filled with the cereal and heat sealed. Getting a custom cereal box is, however, not so straightforward. There is no custom printing on the plastic bag or any additional designing aspects since it is on the inside and have bear no influence upon customer’s buying decisions.

    Customizing cereal boxes:

    Cereal boxes, on the other hand, are a whole different story. Customizing cereal boxes is not just an aesthetic decision. The box plays a vital role in differentiating the cereal from hundreds of brands and types of cereals available in the market.

    Without a well made and clearly defined customized packaging, it is hard to identify the different types of cereals, let alone the specific brand of cereal. A customized box for cereals contains all the necessary information, like the type of cereal, the brand name, the ingredients as well as flavors etc. All of this information is integral to customers’ decision making while making the purchase. Cereal manufactures need the custom packaging to communicate all this information to customers and attract them in doing so.

    PrintMyBox is your one-stop-shop for all packaging solutions:

    Printmybox (PMB) is the number one online source of packaging solutions. We make the best tailor-made boxes in the USA and deliver to retail as well as wholesale clients. Cereal boxes are some of our most popular custom boxes we make. Our company has made customized cereal boxes for several companies.

    Experts working at PMB have the technical know-how as well as the creative vision to help you with your branding. Be it representing the cereal on the custom box or placing the list of ingredients on the outside of the box, we will assist you in every way to develop the best packaging for your cereal.

    Cereal boxes are generally simple looking, however, designing one entails a lot of thought and hard work. the sleek and simple shape is just the starting point. Below are some of the ways in which PMB is different from the other packaging companies.

    PMB and your custom cereal box:

    PMB delivers high quality custom packaging always and our customized cereal boxes are no different. At each and every step of the way we work closely with our clients to provide the packaging they have envisioned. We know that packaging is integral to a company’s branding which must be cohesive for the complete marketing mix of the product.

    Cereal manufacturers need to be cognizant of the fact that the carboard box is the first thing a customer sees and is a major factor behind whether the customer makes the decision to buy a specific brand of cereal or not.

    With PMB you get to choose everything about your box. We use only the best material, from the thin and flexible card stock to the thickest card stock, meaning you have plenty of freedom of choice.

    Our custom designing, which is free of cost, is a major service we provide. Most companies charge a large amount for the digital designing process, but with PMB we work closely with our clients and give this service free of charge. You can design your entire brand identity with our help.

    We know what information is required for cereal boxes as per FDA regulations which means you need not worry about missing information. Our team works tirelessly to give you the best in terms of packaging. Wishing to get sustainable packaging, worry not at PMB we especially cater to cereal manufacturers who are striving to go green.

    So, stop stalling and start ordering. Visit our website www.printmybox.com for additional information. You can contact us via email, chat or phone for quick response.


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    Reviewer: Stive
    6/28/2018 10:58:56 AM

    Review: We needed a large number of boxes for our line of foundations in weeks’ time and the people at www.printmbyox.com really delivered after our usual vendor failed to come through. The quality of the boxes was also superior and we have since switched to them for our regular order of boxes. Great job guys!